TOP 5 Best Cars to drive in India

If you like traveling long distances in India there are certain specifications that your car should meet. According to me the cars should have a reasonable amount of power, it should be fuel efficient to make it enjoyable and easy on your wallet, it should be spacious enough to have both passengers and luggage comfortably, safety features of the cars should be top notch and most importantly the car should be very comfortable to put you to ease during your long distance travels.

The five best cars I would recommend are: –

1.    Honda Jazz- The car is a hatchback and usually hatchback cars aren’t known for their road tripping capabilities however Honda Jazz creates an exception in the segment. The car has a mileage up to 27.3 kmpl, an 1498cc engine and has a brake horsepower of 98.6. The boot space of the car is 354 litres and has a seating capacity of 5.

2.    Honda Civic- The car truly has some magnificent features the handling of the car and the comfortable cabin is done excellent. The car does triple digit speeds with quite an ease. The car an excellent ride quality and can make the chassis obey every sudden change of mind. The car has a 1799cc engine,139.46 brake horsepower and has a boot space of 430 litres. The car has its disadvantages as well the mileage of the car is 23.9 which is a real bummer but it also has its additional features like lane watch that is very useful for parking and changing lanes and driving in heavy traffic.

3.    Kia Carnival- The car is the perfect long-distance vehicle the car gives a close to business class experience. The car was launched in 2020 and is a 7 seated car making it very spacious the car has a boot space of 540 litres and has a mileage of 14.11 kmpl. The car additionally provides dual panel electric sunroof, VIP seats with leg support and rear seat entertainment system. The car has a 2199cc engine and has a brake horse power of 197.2. The car is sold in three variants Premium, Prestige and Limousine. The luxury MVP is priced between 24lakhs to 34lakhs.

4.   Skoda rapid- The Skoda rapid has one of the best ride qualities it has a mileage up to 18.97kmpl. The car has a fuel tank of 55L, the petrol engine of the car is 999cc. The car is available with automatic and manual transmission, the rapid is a 5-seater sedan. The car has a highway mileage of 17.3 making it the optimal car for long distance drives. The car costs anywhere between 8lakhs to 14 lakhs.

5.   Ford Endeavour- The new endeavour with a downsized engine has led to a benefit of its fuel efficiency. The car does a good job on the highway and this car can also be used for off-roading. The car has a mileage of 13.9kmpl, the engine is up to 1996cc, the brake horse power of the car is 167.62. The car is a combination of its road presence, safety, off-roading capabilities and driveability. The price of this car ranges between 30 to 36 lakhs.

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